Patriotism in Nigeria: Between Citizen Courtney Dike and Nigerian Legislators

In an attempt to understand the true spirit of patriotism, my memory reflected back to the Nigerian female soccer star name Courtney Dike who Bukola Saraki 2rejected monetary reward for serving her country. To help limit my wordings on Courtney Dike, I’ll refer my readers to the following links:

The 8th senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has a composition of about nine ex-governor and many other political bigwigs whose business empires fetches each of them inexhaustible fortunes capable of sustaining the next five succeeding generations of their families. Evidence reveals that each of the former governors are currently entitle to special pension scheme unfounded in any other country other than in Nigeria.

The lower chamber on the other hand has a mass collection of political jobbers extracted from the 36 states of the federation including the FCT. These crops of people are yet to prove their patriotism beyond all reasonable doubt to convince the populace that their partisanship is not for personal aggrandisement. No wonder they seriously fought their opponents will all disposable weapons in order to gain access to treasury looting.

How on earth do we see such class of people (just 469 in number) being allocated a whooping sum of N17.5 million as wardrobe allowance and their morality and conscience cannot reason with them to collectively rebuke such allocation. Close to half of our population are jobless, because available legislation does not provide or create a working environment for our country-men/women to develop technically and vocationally for self-reliance; rather, the citizens had been misdirected to obtain academic papers in whatsoever means irrespective of its quality and drive before they can function appropriately in the society.

My feeling of patriotism is dampened seeing those who have personalise both our natural and material resources in the name of politics. I was taught in school that patriotism is a style of thought, often expressed as “love of one’s country”. Such gestures are highly commendable, and often can act as a spur to heroic achievement in every aspect of our national life, as portrayed by the young Courtney Dike after the tournament of 2014 in Canada. Patriotism can bring forth many worthy human qualities, such as loyalty, integrity, self-sacrifice, and courage. Patriotism is nothing short of loyalty to the nation as state, the interpretation of the national interest is determined by the rulers of the state. Let someone tell this to our legislooters. Oooh! Legislators.